Data Migration to Cloud Database.

Ability to transfer information from databases on premises cloud warehouse in just three steps.

It takes less than two minutes to create a configuration by using this Data Migration wizard.

There is no knowledge of the scripts for creating target tables is required when using Data Migration auto schema mapper.

Automated Scheduled Runs, fully-fledged dashboards that monitor job status in real-time as well as data flow.


Uniosn DM includes an extensive listing of connection adaptors including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MYSQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Redshift, AWS RDS, Big Query, Azure Synapse and many other that you will require.

Monitoring and Scheduling

Unison DM also comes with integrated scheduling options to allow an full and incremental refresh. Ability to monitor job and lineage. Tablewise failure and success rows, and more.

Migration Workbench Components

Wizard-based migration tool that lets you select one of the tables that follow target or source mapping, record the bad records and apply filters. Sink to multiple different targets simultaneously and much more.

“Bad Records” – Data Migration

Specific Target Mapping rules that change different types of data from the source into target are in place. In the event of records not loading, they will be saved as bad records to be available for review and intervention.