The quality of data is a requirement for Cloud Database.

It allows you to be used to define, monitor, and analyze data quality. An extensive interface to define rules ranging from basic attribute checks to complex SQLs.

It comes with an automated profiler of data quality. Quality checks are conducted on non-structured data components.

Automated scheduled runs. Fully-fledged dashboards that are integrated with test suits such as JIRA to bring up questions about data quality.

Data Profiling

Uniosn DQ Data comes with an extensive checklist of Data Profiler checks you can think of.

Integrated Actions

Unison DQ Data also comes with adapters that work with Jira and Slack to report DQ issues and collaboration.

Rules Workbench Components

We also offer a number of dynamic components to help with Data Quality Rules like Referential Expression, Pattern, Dictionary Check, Functional Dependency Check, and many more.

{Unstructured} Dataset – Data Quality

Specific DQ Rules to validated unstructured data or semi-structured columns in tables that are relational by JSON schema, and much more.