Liquidity Risk Management

Our Approach

After the financial crisis faced by banks, liquidity risk management has become more important. No business should consider managing risks as a task to be implemented only under undue circumstances or sudden events. Rather, every organization should be prepared strategically in order to remain competitive and keep up with stakeholders expectations.

Liquidity risk is meant to be one of the major risks for financial institutions, when an organization does not have plenty of liquid assets to meet its requirements. There are many a factors that increase the impact of a bank’s liquidity, right from non-payment of loan or changes in the interest rate. Besides, entering into a new business or product line has an equal impact on a bank’s liquidity such that the bank’s strategic risk will increase.

Our skilled consultants enhance your operating models along with BASEL III – Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) requirements. Basel III builds up your liquidity risk model such that even in case of any financial and economic stress, you become powerful and are able to come out of any alarming situations that may arise in the future.

We develop a rational liquidity management solution which includes contingency planning, balance sheet management, monitoring and measuring of funding requirements and currency liquidity management that help financial institutions stay competitive in the long run.